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General Information about He-Artefakte:

All artifacts which are shown in the "Content Cover Sheet" are only for decoration and are unsalable, they serve only for orientation to purchase similar artifacts. This artifacts are taken from the private collection of Ernst-Dieter Henze. All artifacts indicated with prices are for sale.
The photos of the artefacts are not to true scale, they were made mostly very close to represent as much as possible details. Therefore please pay attention to the actual indicated measurements.

Who is He-Artefakte:

For more than 25 years worldwide prehistoric and ethnological artefacts are collected and carried together by Ernst-Dieter Henze. During the meantime the desire arose from this collecting passion to make a hobby to a serious business.

This often isn't seen by the classic science with pleasure. but under consideration to the worldwide management of whole land development and cultivation by man and industrial expansion, connected with the dizzy expiration of cultures One should think of this, that it were among other things, also private collectors and are still today, which protect cultural possession from their definite destruction by their collecting activity connected with their financial resources and their not inconsiderable time input.

The history of the artefacts is checked as far as possible and documented in a data base correspondingly at the purchase by He-Artefakte.

The experiences made at this are the base for type determination, examination and authentication service for prehistoric stone artifacts.

For this purpose He-Artfakte has powerful microscopes for visual-, optical- and fluoreszens examination at disposal.

This, we think, is a very important service, because since more artifacts are copied better and better and this fakes will be sold earlier or later to collectors as prehistoric originals.

For more details about that matter please see under "service, reports, explanations," for our article draft about replications and fakes made by He-Artefakte.

Legality of artifacts:

All artefacts are legally acquired, mostly from collections of old collectors who have collected their artifacts around the turn of the century.

For most foreign artefacts corresponding import papers are available.

All artefacts are guaranteed of prehistoric or ethnologic origin, and after best knowledge and conscience don't date from questionable sources, from which He-Artefakte dissociated themselves.


All rights, also the statement wise reprinting, the photo mechanical or digital reproduction, alteration and translation are reserved only  to Ernst-Dieter Henze, He-Artefakte.


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