The service of He-Artefakte will not carried out anymore as described. For collectors consulting and Type determination still free of costs under mutual agreement.

Contained, special for stone artifacts, following performances:

  1. Type determination free of costs, only the arising costs for packing and postage will be charged.
  2. Authenticity check for stone artifacts.

This service performance contains the following:

  1. Visual check with a stereo zoom microscope up to an enlargement of 450 x.
  2. Description why faked with arguments.
  3. Issue of a check report or certificate with description, type determination and photos of the artifact.

If the check will find out doubtless the artifact is a replication/fake, then only a check report will be issued, and the artefact will be stored in a data base. This data base is made accessible, to offer protection to other collectors. For genuine artifacts an authenticity certificate will be issued, and all details are treated confidentially. If it shouldn't be possible to get a clear check result, which can happen, so the check is free of charge, no report is made, only the postage and packing costs will be charged.



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