Terms of Delivery

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How can I order?

Please, inform us by e-mail which item you wish, you then get by e-mail the grand total including packing and dispatch.

How can I pay?

For your and our security we have not provided any direct payment via the URL.

With the order confirmation you will get our account datas, so that you are able to pay via online banking or with an international payment order.

1.) Offer/Delivery
All offers are without any obligation and without delivery obligation and are subject to prior sale, if not agreed otherwise.

2.) Prices
Prices in € (Euro), payment with other currency on request. All prices are final prices, ex works. Add packing costs, forwarding costs and VAT of your country.

3.) Shipping and Forwarding
Shipping and forwarding of artifacts until final destination are at the sole resonsibility of the buyer (purchaser). If required He -Artefakte, could conclude at buyer`s cost the corresponding insurance cover.
Missing or wrongly delivered artifacts must be claimed within 14 days after the date of dispatch.

4.) Payments
Payment has to be effected immediately upon rceipt of the artifacts, net without any deduction. To first- or unknown customers and customers abroad or oversea, artifacts will be delivered only against pre-payment.

5.) Right of Ownership
The right of ownership is stipulated in the German BGB art. 455

6.) Claims and Right of Return
All artifacts are unicates and are subject to different interpretations such as types, age and level of culture. Therefore no claims or price reductions are acceptable. Generally, a right of return for all unaltered artifacts of 4 weeks is permissable. However, forwarding and insurance costs are at buyers expense.

7.) Authenticity of Artifacts

All artifacts are checked carefully according best knowledge for their prehistoric authenticity. In case of obvious falsification (fakes) or manipulation (recent re-chipping) the buyer has a 3- month right of return, provided such falsification (fakes) or manipulation (recent re-chipping) can be proved and the artifact is still without damage/modification.
Sometimes recent or fresh damages can be observed on the offered artifacts. However this will not entiteling for a return, as these damages are considered in the offered price.

8.) Publication
Even after having sold the artifact to the buyer He-Artefakte Ernst-Dieter Henze has the unlimited right for any publication. The buyer of the artifacts has the same rights, too.

9.) Acknowledgement
With the purchase of the artifacts the buyer acknowledges the present Terms of Delivery of He-Artefakte.

10.) Jurisdiction
Place of settlement and venue is Norderstedt under the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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