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Aircraft Propeller Projects

Radial Engine M 462-RF, displayed in Alveslohe
9 Cylinder Aircraft Radial Engine Type M 462-RF (M14).

This Engine was mounted in an Agrar Aircraft, Type Let Z 37 A Čmelák

Technical Datas of Radial Engine:

Engine Displacement: ca. 11 Liter

Power Output: ca. 321 HP or 235 KW

Weight: ca. 230 kg

Year of Manufacture: ca. 1966

Upper View:

Front View of the aircraft Radial Engine to the Propeller Shaft and the pushing rod covers of each Cylinder (two each Cylinder).

Back View of Radial Engine to the Exhausting System (not mounted).

In the middle the Generator 28 Volt, 1,5 KW, right and left of the Generator the two Magnetos, down the fuel system with the compressed air starting distribution.

Side View of the Radial Engine.
One of the 18 Spark Plugs for the Radial Engine M 462-RF (2 pcs. each Cylinder)
Other Projects:

Restauration of a 9 Cylinder Radial Engine Type Lycoming R-680-17 from a US Trainer Aircraft Type Stearman Kaydet PT13.

Date of Manufacture approx. 1938-40

Just arrived, the 9 Cylinder Radial Engine Lycoming R-680-17. Back View with auxiliary aggregates as Starter, Magneto, Suction Tubes and Ignition distributor Cap.
View to the Propeller Shaft. This Lycoming R-680-17 Engine has the Exhausting System on this side, direct after the Propeller (not mounted yet).
Propeller shaft side finished! Lycoming R-680-17 Engine, view to the Propeller Shaft with the mounted exhausting system.
That´s looking for work! Back View Lycoming R-680-17 without auxiliary aggregates. Note the free mounted unshielded ignition cables. Right side visible the Hamilton Standard Propeller.
Some years later, the same Radial Engine Lycoming R-680-17, view to the finished back with ignition cables and auxiliary aggregates.
Bendix Scintilla Double Magneto Type DFN manufactured in 1942, still could power the ignition system of the Lycoming Radial engine R-680-17 after more than 70 years. Down picture the Ignition Distributer Caps.
Was lucky to get these new (new old stock) Champion Spark Plugs C26 for this engine (unshielded ignition for the Lycoming R-680-17 engines) and others, but more than 70 years old !
More Projects - more work!
Piston Radial Engine Jacobs R 755-9, view on the prop-shaft, left the air inlet with filter, engine manufactured 1942.
The same 7 Cylinder Radial Engine Type Jacobs R 755-9, manufactured 1942, view to the prop-shaft front, nearly ready restored.
Radial Engine Jacobs R 755-9 backview, left the Starter, down and above the Ignition Magnetos.
The same 7 Cylinder Radial Engine Type Jacobs R 755-9, manufactured 1942, view to the back after nearly finished restoring.
This engine should wait! 9 Cylinder Piston Radial Engine Wright Cyclone Type R 1820-82B from a Grumman S2-Tracker, ca. 1500 HP, manufactured ca. 1950
Piston Radial Engine Wright Cyclone R 1820-82B backview, left oil tank, right the oil cooler
9 Cylinder Radial Engine Lycoming R-680-17 Ignition Distribution Cap, ca. 1930-40
9 Cylinder Radial Engine Lycoming R680-17 unshielded ignition connector (new old stock) on Champion C26 Spark plug, ca. 1930-40
Broken Cylinder No. 5, Radial Engine Lycoming Cylinder for R680-17
9 Cylinder Radial Engine Lycoming R680-17, ca. 1930-40 on a turnable mounting stand - all cylinders are pulled off.

Attention: If you have any of these cylinders with STD bore, please contact me!

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