Chinese Chronology*
Prehistoric China*

Neolithic Periods ca. 5000-1600 BC subdivided in:

ca. 5000 BC: Xinglongwa Period

ca. 4500 BC: Chahai Period

ca. 4500-4000 BC: Zhaobaogou Period

ca. 3500-2500 BC: Hongshan Period

ca. 3000-1500 BC: Yangshao Period

ca. 4500-2500 BC: Dawenkou Period

ca. 2500-1700 BC: Longshan Period

ca. 5000-4500 BC: Hemudu Period

ca. 5000-4000 BC: Majiabang Period

ca. 4000-3000 BC: Songze Period

ca. 3000-2000 BC: Liangzhu Period

ca. 4000-3300 BC: Daxi Period

ca. 2500-2000 BC: Shijiahe Period

ca. 3000-2000 BC: Shixia Period

ca. 2000-1600 BC: Erlitou Period

Chinese Dynasties*

ca. 1600-1050 BC: Shang Dynasty

ca. 1050-771 BC: Western Zhou

ca. 770-221 BC: Eastern Zhou

ca. 770-475 BC: Spring- and Autumn Period (Chun Qiu)

ca. 475-221 BC: Warring States (Zhan Guo)

221-206 BC: Qin Dynasty

206 BC-8 AD: Western Han Dynasty

25 AD-220 AD: Eastern Han Dynasty

(265-589: Six Dynasties)

220-280 AD: San Guo Dynasty

265-316 AD: Western Jin Dynasty

317-420 AD: Eastern Jin Dynasty

420-589 AD: Nan Bei Zhao

581-618: Sui Dynasty

618-907: Tang Dynasty

907-960: Wu Dai

960-1127: Northern Song Dynasty

1127-1276: Southern Song Dynasty

1271-1368: Yuan Dynasty

1368-1644: Ming Dynasty

1644-1911: Ching/Qing Dynasty

1911- 1949: Republic of China

1949 - The People´s Republic of China:

*Since the cultural allocations of Chinese history are more variously subject to interpretations, this listing can be used for information and serve as guideline only. Amendments are left.


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