Asia: Prehistoric
Other Artifacts, Pottery, Jade, Bronze

Interest in prehistoric




from China and other countries?

Large choice of figures, shells, ceramics, pottery and much more!

Declaration regarding Fakes:

The basic problems of faking are well known by He-Artefakte!


All higher valued ceramics will/could* be delivered with an individual Thermoluminescence Analysis Report.


Due to nearly 40 years of self-collecting experience of prehistoric artifacts in Europe, Africa und Asia it is most reliable that fakes are excluded.

This refers especially to artificial aging, dying and other manipulations of stone surfaces.

Because of this long collecting experience, our costumer could be quite shure not to get faked artifacts of prehistoric tools and old jades.


because tests and analysis of bronze objects are very costly and mostly will exceed the value of object, here you should rely to the long experience of He-Artefakte.

On request a metal analysis can be delivered, which provides a relative answer of authenticity of the object.

Please note:

During time tons of bronze objects have been found in China, therefore masses of bronze are available and faking would not be profitable.

* for many of our offerd ceramics TL- Analysis reports are available.

Please, request individual supply/offer.

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