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Payment, Silver TAMLUNG from LAOS,

Kingdom Lanchang, 1571-1592 A.D. with 3 wheel stamps

Measurements: (L) 87 mm

Weight: 59,85 g

Ref.: Mitchel 2999

Condition: Very Fine (ss)

€ 290.-
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Surface Details

Large Moneyring made of an TRIDACNA GIGAS clam shell, rare in this size!

Traditional money ring (primitive money) from Papua New Guinea, mainly used as bride price money.

Nice colour from use.

Measurements(DxH): ca. 235x16 mm

Weight: 1042 g


Black ribbled "Cizhou"-Vessel in Song-Stile.

Vessel will be delivered with Thermoluminescence Analysis Report.

Measured Age:

300 Years, that means approx. late Ming - early Qing Dynasty, 1644-1911 A.D.


Province Henan or Hebei.

Measurements (H):

ca. 290 mm

Weight: 1428 g

€ 1.300.-


Big "Kina Moka" with "Omak".

Traditional money from Papua New Guinea, mainly used as bride price money and other payments.

Measurements(DxH): ca. 330x310 mm

Weight: ca. 728 g

The Kina Moka will be still used in the central mountain areas which are only to be reached by helicopter.

€ 520.-

Firing defect of a chinese Vase.

Jun Kiln, Yuzhou, near Luoyang, Henan Provinz.

Measurement (H):

ca. 170 mm

Weight: 1025 g

Vase will be delivered with a copy of a SAMPLE TL*

Measured age: 600 Years.

*Thermoluminescence Analysis Report

€ 650.-

Vessel with cover, made from one piece of hard greenish jade, which is partly slightly transparent.

During long soil storage the surface is partly discoloured and calcinated.

Time Period:

According work stile and material changement during long storage a classification into Yuan Dynasty, 1271 - 1368 A.D. is possible.

Measurements (H):

212 mm


683 g

€ 650.-
Paperweight , front view
Paperweight, detail view
Paperweight, back view with Perthshire Seal and manufacturing date in the middle, P 1993

Perthshire Paperweights, general note:

Scottisch "Perthshire" Paperweights are belonging to the most wanted items of their art.

End of the years1990 the manufacturing was stopped. Therefore these paperweights are now only available on the antique market.


Very fine work with Perthshire Seal (P1993) on the back, indicating date of manufacturing and manufacturing number 28.

Measurements: (D) 72 mm

Weight: 381g

€ 200.-

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