What you could expect:

Masks, Figures, Drums, Ornaments, Body Ornaments, Bride Prices, Bone Armdagger, shafted and un-shafted Stone Axes, Kina Shells, Kina-Moka Pendants, Hand Axes, Bailer-Shell Money, Shell Money, Money Rings, different Wapons and much more!

Just be surprised!

NEW! Papua Neuguinea in the Antik - Center Hamburg! NEW!

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Artifacts from Prehistoric to Present Time.


to scope of delivery of He-Artefakte

Shop No. D5

Open on:

Saturday from 10-16 Clock, during the week please make an appointment!

(at the moment also on Tuesday and Thursday from 12-18 Clock)

Phone: 040 5225261

Fax.: 040 5228194



General Discription of Antik-Center

In the Antik Center with its approx. 25 antique stores and the café "Villa Rosa", you can take a look around undisturbedly.

At every weather you can stroll dryly and warm among comfortable ancient stores with most various offer through little lanes under a romantic town arcade (basement of the covered old market hall).

How can I reach the Antik-Center?

The Antik Center is located near the Central Station "Hauptbahnhof", down the basement of the old market hall (Alte Markthalle) in the area of the "Deichtorhallen"

Address: Klosterwall 9-21, D-20095 Hamburg

Public Transport

Subway (U-Bahn U1), Stop "Steinstrasse", Exit Direction "Klosterwall", only 1 - 2 Minutes to the Antik Center.

Distance from/to Hamburg Hauptbahnhof, Central Station, only approx. 8 Minutes by feet.

By Car

If you will come by car, you will find a parking possibility direct at the back entrance of the Antik-Center, coming from the Amsinckstrasse direction "City Center".

Parking map

Opening times of Antik-Center:

Tuesday - Friday 12.00 - 18.00 Clock

Saturday 10.00 - 16.00 Uhr (December until 18.00 Clock)

Closed on Sunday and Monday!

Where will you find He-Artefakte

in the Antik-Center ? Shop Position of He-Artefakte in the Antik-Center

Opening times of He-Artefakte:

Saturday from 10.00-16.00 Clock,

during the week please make an appointment!

(at the moment also on Tuesday and Thursday from 12-18 Clock)

Contact to He-Artefakte

Phone: 040 5225261

Fax. 040 5228194

E-Mail: he-artefakte@wtnet.de

back via Internet: www.artefakte.info, or www.he-artefakte.de


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